Visits guided and freee tours

Visits guided and freee tours

If you want to know the city of Merida or Cáceres from the hand of expert guides to make the most of your visit, we can manage it for you. We have the direct collaboration of Activa Tours to offer our clients different routes and guided tours that will make you enjoy this city full of World Heritage monuments in the best hands.

Among our most requested guided tours are:

Mérida Monumental: It has a price of 30 euros and includes the entrance to the monuments that are visited as Crypt of Santa Eulalia, Morería, Arab Alcazaba and Amphitheater and Roman Theater.

Theater, Amphitheater and Roman Museum: It has a price of 24 euros and includes tickets to the Theater and Roman Amphitheater, the National Museum of Roman Art and accompanying guide.

Mérida Essential: It has a price of 21.50 euros. It is a 2 hour tour through the main points of interest of the city: Theater and Amphitheater of Mérida (inside), Portico of the Forum, Temple of Diana, Convent of Santiago, Arab Alcazaba and Roman Bridge.

Secret Merida: It has a price of 12.50 euros. It is a nocturnal visit knowing the corners of the city of Mérida, as well as the legends of the region. 2 hours long walk by the journalist and anthropologist Israel J. Espino; frequent contributor to radio and television programs such as La Escóbula de la Brújula and Cuarto Milenio.

Free Tours + Roman Circus: In the Free Tours concept, you put the price. This visit is perfect to know the city and take the pulse and the entrance to the Roman Circus is free.

Cáceres in full: The price of this route is 17.50 euros. Our service includes tickets to the indicated monuments and of course accompanying guide during the following tour.

Free Tour Cáceres, city of 3 cultures: You put the price. It is a route of an hour and a half in which you will discover the city where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together. Cultural tour visiting the emblematic buildings  ... Churches, walls, Jewish quarter and palaces.

Free Tour Cáceres, Lineages and legends: You put the price. Meet Cáceres through the life of its most illustrious characters throughout history. Palatial intrigues, curiosities, family secrets, hidden legends ...

Contact us when you make your reservation for any of these routes.

* This service is available for clients who book one of the Merida apartments, ie Activa Style or Activa Suite Home.